Making respiration visible using electronic impedance tomography (EIT)

Reduction to the essentialsaddresses the sensory overload on an intensive care unit. The plain design style draws the focus on essential information. Depending on the work steps, necessary information is hidden or displayed, areas that are not in focus are subdued. For example when the electrode belt’s functionality is tested, only those electrodes with a bad or missing signal are displayed. Together with Swisstom we decided that highlighting the functional electrodes in green would be redundant.

Integrabilityenables Swisstom to display the visualizations on ventilators, too. Therefore, we attached great importance to the modular setup of the UI during the design process.

There are many devices and apparatuses in use on intensive care units, therefore it is all the more important to keep the people's needs in mind. Besides the medical staff, patients and their families get in touch with the user interfaces, which is why Swisstom and UID opted for a friendly design instead of a technical style.

At the core of the project is the visualization of parameters based on the data rendered by the electrode belt. Depending on the parameter, different information needs to be in focus. Quickly changing between various parameters enables the medical staff to gain a complete picture of the situation.


Sigrid Ackermann, Kerstin Dyck (PM), Ellen Schenk



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