Henrik Riess

Henrik Rieß is UID’s Creative Director, a UX designer and technology enthusiast. He focuses on designing product and service spaces that are comprehensible and accessible for everyone.Therefore, he strives to combine clearly defined product requirements, implicit user needs and the playful fascination exerted by tomorrow’s technologies.
His design research work at UIDlabs focuses on how to make information in our analog-digital world tangible and comprehensible, and on continuing the development of UID’s internal structural-experimental design thinking process. His tasks also include numerous presentations and workshops at HCI conferences as well as contributions to technical and scientific publications. Moreover, Henrik Rieß acts as a lecturer at the design department of the Magdeburg University of Applied Sciences and as a mentor for term papers and theses.

Creative direction, experimental interaction design, cheesecake

Henrik Riess


User Interface Design GmbH

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